Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Return from Fantasyland

Mark your calendars for April 2011 to save some time to attend Knitter's Fantasy.  Trust me.  You don't want to miss this.  A whole day of knitting, shopping for knitting related items, learning about knitting and being immersed in a community of knitters.  It doesn't get much better. Unless you are lucky enough to attend with good friends and spend an extra day just so you can have some more time to knit and relax.   Check out the website of the Northcoast Knitting Guild for more information.

I had the pleasure of attending a Double Knitting Class in the morning.  Pretty cool stuff.

You're looking at the front and back of the same piece.

And this was the result of the afternoon class.  Lace edging.

Monday, April 5, 2010

In Full Bloom

Daffodils are the only flowers that I can count on around my home.  I have found that they are the only flowers that the deer will not eat!!  The heat from the stone wall has coaxed these into full bloom before those in the rest of the yard.

I took advantage of the beautiful afternoon to get out and snap a picture of my current project.  This tank top is knit from the top down, starting with a provisional cast on at the shoulders. then joined at the underarms to work in the round.  The unconventional construction has made it interesting to work on and it is flying right along.  Just a few more rows and the bottom border will be complete with only armhole and neck edges needed to finish the project. 

And one last picture to share.................. 

Miss Lila taking a stroll without letting her feet touch the grass!