Sunday, June 5, 2011

Continuing Westward

We've left St. Louis behind and are headed west.  It was 104 degrees when we landed for the day .... somewhere in Kansas.  I sure am looking forward to heading up into the mountains tomorrow and seeking out some relief from this heat.

The first couple of days on the road I was knitting on a lace project.  But trying to follow a chart and keep track of stitches while bumping along the highway didn't seem like an efficient way to use my knitting time.  Switching to something more travel friendly seemed to make sense and I have been knitting along on a sock with a simple slip stitch rib on the front.  Part of the motivation for this project is due to my recent acquisitions from the Loopy Ewe and the need to burn through some of my sock yarn stash so I can move on to the new yarn.
That's two skeins of Bearfoot on the left, a wool mohair blend with jewel-like colors that aren't apparent in the photo.  And two skeins of Woolmeise on the right.   I'm anxious to see what all the hype is about.

And as you can see there were a few other items that found their way into my shopping bag as well.  The yellow needle inventory card was a free gift and it was all packaged in the lime green Loopy Ewe cloth bag upon check out.  Another bonus!  

Off to plan tomorrow's adventure!


  1. I missed something along the way. What is the final destination? where ever you are headed it sounds like a lot of fun and knitting time.

  2. Stay tuned, Joan. We should reach our most western stop later today and I'll continue to update. More yarn/fiber content guaranteed.

  3. Hi Pam......gald to see you are posting....looks like you are having fun..Janice